“Bulldog” Brownies

"Bulldog" Brownies

“Bulldog” Brownies

I made these brownies recently as a thank you for a kind deed during a winter storm. In Columbus, we typically have a week or two of significant snow fall. This is why we haven’t purchased a snow blower-well that and a lack of space to store it! However, our neighbor does have one and he kept our driveway and sidewalk clear. We truly have the nicest neighbors. So to thank him, I made his family these delicious brownies. They are dense, moist, chocolatey…They taste somewhat like Texas sheet cake. My neighbor’s wife, who hails from across The Pond, called them Bulldog Brownies and the name stuck. Notice she has tea with her brownie. Love it!

To perfect this recipe, you do need to get the butter, oil and cocoa powder up to a boil before blending in the other ingredients.

I like to use parchment paper to bake my brownies. The reason why is mostly because the crunchy edges turn out perfectly. There is no sticking to the sides of the baking dish and frankly, it’s easier to clean! If you opt not use parchment paper, make sure the baking dish is buttered before pouring in the batter.
After baking, cool the brownies to warm and then pour on the frosting. If you can resist temptation, refrigerate the brownies for an hour or two. This will set this delicious creation perfectly! Please enjoy this recipe and share it. When you have tried it and enjoyed, I’d love to hear from you!!!
If he was allowed to eat chocolate, but he’s not, Lou would approve of Bulldog Brownies!

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