Old School Vinegar Pie

Old School Vinegar Pie

Old School Vinegar Pie

Vinegar pie? Yuck!?! Hold on and pump the brakes, because this pie is delicious. I promise.

I have recently been reading about Depression Era cooking. My father-in-law is 95 and has so many interesting and wonderful tales of his childhood memories of that time, including the struggles for feeding a family. So, I came across a few stories of how household cooks baked with whatever they had in the kitchen pantry. Sugar and apple cider vinegar were usually staples. If you add eggs, butter, cinnamon, vanilla and a bit of salt, you have a pie filling. Even Laura Ingalls Wilder remembers her mother making a version of vinegar pie!

This recipe is soooo easy! I think I could quit typing now, but I have too many pictures to share….
There is so much magic that happens in the oven, although not too much at first. Then suddenly the top of the pie turns this lovely shade of brown and resembles creme brulee. A custard-like filling forms and the final result is 5-Star restaurant worthy perfection. When you take a bite, you will notice a subtle tartness, but you’d never know it was vinegar.

Doesn’t this look yummy?!!
Here is the downside…
We couldn’t quick picking at this pie. My husband (RJB) asked me not to make it again for awhile. He can’t resist it. Anyway, it tastes great warm or cold and if you decide to eat it for breakfast in the morning, I won’t judge!

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