Lorenza’s Salty Cake

Lorenza's Salty Cake

Lorenza’s Salty Cake

My daughter, Sophie, spent this spring in Ravenna, Italy-lucky girl, right? We were fairly nervous about having her fly to the other side of the planet (I’m slightly exaggerating). Her host family in Ravenna was a very kind family of three-Luca, his wife Lorenza and their daughter Cristina. After face-timing Lorenza and Cristina before she left, I knew that she would be in very good hands. . While Sophie was there, we talked daily. I got to tell you, I couldn’t wait to hear about the food and Lorenza’s creations. I mean, Sophie being in Rome on Easter Sunday visiting her lifelong neighbor and friend was a beautiful, incredible experience for her; but I got a little bit more excited hearing about a five-course meal, and the smorgasbord of delicious food that she was was able to eat while in Ravenna!Even family friends made divine tastings. Holy cow!I almost flew to Ravenna when Sophie sent me this (how I love artichokes)…Sophie turned twenty while in Ravenna. which, by all accounts, is a major milestone. I know for certain that she will remember her twentieth birthday forever and perhaps for not the least of all reasons…She had a morning birthday cake and another after dinner!Pretty fantastic, right?
So, to honor Lorenza and her family, I asked if she would share one of her recipes that I could post on my blog. I was given “Salty Cake.” Sounds pretty incredible just because of its name! And it was. I waited until Sophie came home and settled in a bit and then we made it together.My favorite part of this recipe is that Lorenza uses an 8 oz yogurt container as the measuring cup. Pretty ingenious and I love it all the more because my grandma, Viola, would bake the same way!So we made Salty Cake, and let it cool for about an hour and the result was a savory, dense and ridiculously moist treasure. My goodness! Thank you, Lorenza!

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