Blueberry Sunday Pancakes

Blueberry Sunday Pancakes

Blueberry Sunday Pancakes

Today is a fall-like Sunday and so calls for making a batch of blueberry pancakes. Our family just came home from a vacation in Maine (more to come on that topic), and I’m still craving blueberries! I’d like to especially give a shoutout to Donna at Wave Walker B&B. She told me how to make soft blueberry scones with lemon curd-YUM!

This pancake recipe is pretty quick and easy to make. The only “extra” effort required is to whip up some egg whites into stiff peaks and patiently fold them into the batter. To begin, place two cups of blueberries in a sauce pan with one-third cup of sugar. Simmer until the blueberries mostly pop. Turn off the heat source and ¬†immediately add another cup of blueberries, zest of a lemon and juice of one-half lemon. The lemon will still be bright and it’s just kind of nice to bite into a warm blueberry. This sauce would be terrific over ice cream, cheese cake…It’s really yummy, and as you can tell, so far pretty uncomplicated.

Next, put the dry ingredients into a medium size mixing bowl and whisk them together. After that, separate the eggs and beat the whites into stiff peaks. Be patient here, this can take several minutes, but it’s a necessary step.
All that is left to do is whip together the egg yolks, ricotta, buttermilk and vanilla. Add these four ingredients to the dry mixture and stir together. Now fold in the egg whites and take your time. You’ll want them fully incorporated into the batter. Place batter onto a medium heat surface and put blueberries on top of the batter. Flip the pancakes when they begin to bubble around the perimeter and are golden on the bottom. Serve and top with butter and the blueberry sauce. If you want to go all out, drizzle a little maple syrup, dollop of whipped cream and sprinkle of lemon zest. That’s it!

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